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Don't know how to download and install drivers (Nvidia)

When you reinstall your computer, or purchase a computer which doesn't have an operating system installed on it, or if you want to change the operating system that is already installed on it, the first thing you need to do, after installing an operating system, is to install the drivers. Their main purpose is to make the communication between the computer parts easier and quicker, and enable you to use your computer's maximum performance.

These solutions will show you where to download drivers from, how to unpack them and install them on a computer which has a Windows operating system installed on it (Windows XP/7/8(.1)/10). These solutions do not apply to computers which have Ubuntu or Mac OS installed on them because the operating systems install the drivers automatically and no modification is needed.

If you are considering reinstalling your operating system at the moment, make sure to check these solutions, which will show you the entire procedure step by step, before you download and install drivers.

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  1. From the manufacturer's website − Nvidia

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