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Problem supervision

Problem supervision ensures a higher level of usability. Especially the correct set-up of the specification structure is crucial for allowing SoSees to find the right solution to their problem quickly.

Problems fall into one of the following three categories with respect to supervision:

A) Unsupervised problems

Every user can submit solutions and specifications. No approvals are required. 

New problems are by default unsupervised, unless they were classified as <<Managed problem>> from out outset (see point C below)

B) Moderated problems

Every user can submit solutions. New specifications can only be suggested and need to be approved by the Problem Moderator(s).

Typically a problem starts out as unsupervised until one or more users volunteer to take the role of the Problem Moderator. Moderated problems have a higher usability as their specification structure is quality-checked.

Problem Moderators therefore help users to find solutions to their problems more quickly, as well as earn additional credits for their role. Learn how to become a Problem Moderator.

C) Managed problems

Only the nominated Problem Manager(s) can submit solutions and specifications. Other users can still suggest solutions or specifications, however they will typically be re-written and/or expanded (to ensure consistency across solutions/specifications) and are linked to the Problem Manager's account.

Managed problems can be seen as the Problem Manager's own website, while taking full advantage of the Solutionbay platform. Problem Managers have several responsibilities (e.g. submitting all relevant solutions for the respective problem, setting up the right specification structure) and are rewarded by participating significantly in the affiliate commissions earned by their problem(s), as well as being able to place links back to their website(s). Learn more on how to become a Problem Manager.