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Credits & Statuses

If you participate on Solutionbay you earn credits which...

A) Give you a higher status

The more credits you earn, the higher your status will be:

Rising star

The higher your status, the more comfort other users have that your solutions are probably quite good :)

B) Allow you to ask experts for solutions to your problems

After posting an unresolved problem you can either wait for people to discover it & provide solutions, or you can speed it up by pro-actively asking experts for solutions.

How do I earn credits?

You can earn credits by...

Inviting friends

Every friend who joins earns you 50 credits. Invite now.

Providing solutions

Everytime a user clicks on it worked for me for one of your submitted you earn 1 credit. Find problems to submit solutions to.

Answering to solution requests

If others ask you to provide solutions you’ll earn credits (how many credits you earn depends on how much you charge). Expand your expertises to ensure people ask you for solutions.

Note: spending credits doesn’t have any negative impact on your user status.