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Solutions' upvotes can be different  per page

Every time you select a specification, you get directed to a different page. For example, if you haven't selected any specifications yet for the problem "No internet connection", you start on a page with the url...

When you then select a specification such as "Windows", you get directed to a new page:

The same solution, if shown on both pages, can have a different number of upvotes per page. This reflects the fact that different selections means different user situations, for which the same solution may vary in effectiveness.

For example, assume a SoPro enters the solution "Call your ISP" for the problem "No internet connection", and decides to show it both on the problem 'homepage' (first link above) as well as on the page after SoSees clicked on the specification "Windows" (second link above). His solution may get 4 upvotes on the problem homepage...






...and 1 upvote on the page with "Windows" selected as specification:

The number in grey brackets shows how many upvotes the solution got on all pages in total.