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Running out of disk space / no space left (Nothing else worked)

In order for our computer, smartphone, or tablet to work properly, they need free disk space. Our operating system, and apps write instructions, and leave data so that it can be reused in future, making them work faster. For example, when you open apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, or any other app, the first time you are asked to log in, configure the app, and need to wait a bit for your data to load. These apps will open faster the next time you open them.

The solutions listed below will show you how to get more disk space. They apply to computers running on Windows (Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and more), macOS (iMac, MacBook, Mac, Mac mini), as well as on smartphones and tablets running on Android OS (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, OnePlus, etc.), and iOS (iPhone, iPad). All you need to do is to follow the instructions carefully.

Select specifications which apply:

Click here if you've tried everything else and you're still running low on disk space.

Click on this if 're a Windows user

Click here if your primary partition is running low on disk space.

Click here if you're a Mac user.

Click here if you're using an iPhone/iPad/iPod

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