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Fever: High Temperature (causes, symptoms, treatment, medication, remedies) (Recurring)

Fever can be indicator that the organism is fighting against something foreign that attacked it, like viruses, or bacteria, or some other, more serious sickness like cancer. In most cases it is harmless, but if it persists and is too high, it might cause some complications.

If a person has been exposed to a heat source (sun, a room that was too hot, etc.), and/or was overdressed at the time, fever can be result of a heat stroke, in which case immediate medical attention is mandatory.

Note: As this is a health-related problem, we suggest that you consult with your doctor first.

Select specifications which apply:

Click here if the fever is in a child (below 12 years of age).

Click here if the person is over sixty−five years old.

Click on this if Click here if the temperature is 98.4 F (36.9 C) to 99.3 F (37.4 C) measured in the armpit, that is, 99.5 F (37.5 C) to 99.9 F (37.7 C) oral; 100.4 F (38 C) to 101F (38.3 C) rectal/ear. This is not considered to be a fever.

Click on this if Click here if the temperature range is: In Celsius: 37.5−38.4 measured from the armpit; 37.8−38.5 oral; 38.4−39.1rectal/ear. Fahrenheit: 99.4−101.1 armpit; 100−101.5 oral; 101.1−102.4 rectal/ear. You might be having a mild fever.

Click on this if Click here if the temperature range is: In Celsius: 38.5−38.9 measured from the armpit; 38.6−39.1 oral; 39.2−39.7 rectal/ear. Fahrenheit: 101.2−102 armpit; 101.6−102.4 oral; 1025−193.5 rectal/ear. It is a slightly stronger fever.

Click on this if Click here if the fever range is: In Celsius: 39−39.5 measured from the armpit armpit; 39.2−39.7 oral; 39.8−40.3 rectal/ear. Fahrenheit: 102.1−103.1 armpit; 102.5−103.5 oral; 103.6−104.6 rectal/ear. This fever is strong.

Click on this if Click here if the temperature range is: In Celsius: 39.6−40 and over, measured from the armpit; 39.8−40.3 and over, oral measurement; 40.4−40.9 and over, rectal/ear measurement. Fahrenheit: 103.2−104 and over, armpit; 103.6−104.6 and over, oral; 104−.7−105.6 and over rectal/ear measurement. This fever is severe and the doctor should be contacted immediately.

If your fever lasts longer than 3−5 days, it indicates that there might be something persistent in your organism that your body is trying to fight off, like inflammation.

Click here if your fever subsides, then shortly after comes back again, repeatedly, for several days.

Click here if you are having aching wrists, muscles, and bones.

Stomach flu, indigestion, stomach pain in general.

Click here if your child is between one month and one year old.

Click here if your child is between the ages one and three.

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