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Becoming a Problem Moderator

As a Problem Moderator, you will be able to:

You thereby ensure a working framework to which SoPros can submit their solutions. This allows SoSees to quickly find the right solutions to their problems.

You will earn credits for this as well: for every 10 It worked for me-votes the solutions (submitted by any user) on your moderated problems get, you get 1 credit.

Apply to become a Problem Moderator

Which problem(s) do you want to moderate? Please paste the links to the problems.

Have you submitted a few (high-quality) solutions for those problems already, demonstrating your subject matter expertise in those areas?

Any other information you want to share with us (optional)?

If you have any questions about the Problem Moderator role, please get in touch with us. If you want to take full ownership of a problem then please have a look at becoming a Problem Manager.