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Becoming a Problem Manager

If you’re the Problem Manager then the ‘problem page’ is your own territory/website. Only you can submit solutions and specifications.

Other users can only:

Your benefits

Being a Problem Manager comes with various benefits:

1. Full control

You have full control over which specifications and solutions show up on the problem page. There is no interference by other users. You can create a ‘problem solving guide’ on your selected topic in the way you wish.

2. Affiliate commission participation

Wherever appropriate, affiliate links can be placed in the solutions (after mutual agreement), i.e. if users click on those links, and buy products or services on the merchants’ sites, a commission is earned. To make it straightforward and fair, you will earn up to 50% of these commissions (if you apply now).

We will manage the affiliate programs and provide the reports etc., so that you can focus on what you can do best: provide solutions in your field of expertise.

3. Link(s) to your own website(s)

You are permitted to place links from the solutions on your problem page to your own website(s) as long as it stays within reasonable limits.

4. Promotion

Your problem page already benefits from being on the Solutionbay platform (e.g. it can be found via the search), however beyond this there is a range of promotional activities we can apply to help your page to become more visible. Those will be discussed after you got approved to the Problem Manager program.

5. Extensive guidance & support

If you become a Problem Manager we regard this collaboration as a mutually beneficial partnership. It is in our best interest for your problem page(s) to become successful, so we will provide you assistance wherever possible, e.g. helping you to fulfill your obligations as Problem Manager (see below).

Your obligations

Your obligations as Problem Manager include:

Providing high-quality solutions

You are responsible for submitting as many solutions (ideally all relevant ones) so that the overwhelming majority of SoSees who land on your problem page find a solution which works for them. The solutions have to be well-written and down to the point. We will offer you guidance on how to write great solutions if needed.

Set-up a working specification structure

How useful your problem page is for SoSees depends on how well the specification structure is working. You are responsible for coming up with a good structure and setting it up. Here again, we will provide you detailed guidance if needed.

Maintaining the problem and solutions

Everything flows, so does the usefulness of your solutions and specifications, so it is your responsibility to keep them updated.

Apply to become a Problem Manager

Please set up the problem which you want to manage and submit a few high-quality solutions which demonstrate your strong subject matter expertise.

After you’ve done the above please paste the link to the problem(s) in the box below:

Any other information you want to share with us? (optional)

If you have any questions about the Problem Manager role, please get in touch with us.

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