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Product reviews on Solutionbay

Product reviews on Solutionbay have a simple purpose: to direct you to the product or service which fits you best.

Yes, for some of the links, if you click on them, we earn a little commission (if you buy the product). However, the reviews are still 100% objective for the simple reason that we want to create the best shopping guides imaginable. That wouldn't be possible if they were biased in any way.

Also, the product reviews are not written in stone: if you feel that parts of the review are not correct, please state so in the comments. The Problem Manager (i.e. the person in charge for updating the solutions) will have to assess fairly if your objection is correct or not. If it is, the review will be updated.

If you feel that your objections don't get heard in the way they should (by the Problem Managers), then please email us about it. We'll make sure you get heard and the product reviews are as good as they could possibly get.


Interested in becoming a Problem Manager as well?